Driving more than 25 MPH over the limit? Think again…..

Driving more than 25 MPH over the limit? Think again…..

Speeding in an urban area? Think again. Traveling more than 25 mph over the posted speed limit will get you increased penalties once this law goes into affect. Instead of being offered supervision, you will now have a conviction on your traffic record. Changes in the law would also increase penalties to those driving 30 mph or more above the posted speed limit on Illinois highways. A conviction will affect your traffic history and will result not only in increased court fines, but higher insurance costs as well.

The Chicago Tribune  published this article today that breaks down the new bill passed unanimously by members of the Illinois State Senate.

What is most unsettling is, that a first time DUI in Illinois is punishable by supervision. Drinking and driving is punished less severely in some cases than a speeding violation. Please note that I am not trying to minimize the possible tragic consequences of excessive speeding. However, to criminalize speeding with increased penalties and fines seems excessive and is just another knee jerk reaction from the Illinois Senate, not to mention, another way to try to fill the budget hole that has been created over the last few years.

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