Proven Experience – In and Out of the Courtroom


Have you have been arrested for a criminal offense, whether a city violation, misdemeanor or felony? With extensive experience in the field of criminal defense, the Law Office of Tatiana D. Czaplicki, PC can help.

Seeking justice for our clients is our primary objective and our collective experience in criminal law provides you with the best defense possible. Our skill and experience in examining each case for its strengths and weaknesses and developing the best strategy for your case ensures the best possible outcome in court.

A network of attorneys with extensive experience in criminal law representing both former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorneys and Assistant Public Defender’s will give you the best defense possible. They understand how prosecutors approach a criminal case, and they know how to utilize legal options that are best suited to your defense. Relying on years of experience and skills learned in the criminal field, our attorneys know how the prosecution prepares its case and can provide a solid criminal defense against various criminal charges.

A majority of Cook County’s criminal cases are resolved prior to trial. Therefore, while it is imperative that your defense attorney has a record of success in the courtroom, their knowledge of the law and negotiating skill outside of the courtroom are equally important. An experienced and effective defense attorney can mean the difference between a harsh prison sentence and reduced or possibly even complete dismissal of criminal charges. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated hundreds of pre-trial settlements on behalf of their clients resulting in a complete dismissal or a major reduction of the mandatory sentences and fines associated with their original criminal charge.

Our experience and familiarity with the criminal system – as well as with the rules of law and evidence that Judge’s use when hearing a case – all work in your favor.

Our office also represents clients in other criminal matters, including probation violations, bond reductions, violations of orders of protection and the expungement of criminal matters.

Have you been arrested for a criminal offense?

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, whether a city violation, misdemeanor or felony, we can help.