Two newly proposed drunk driving rules awaiting IL house vote…

Two new laws that would profoundly change the landscape of Secretary of State formal reinstatement hearings are awaiting a vote in the Illinois house. Currently, if you have 4 or more DUI, your driving privileges are revoked for life.  The new rule proposes that those with 4 or more DUI would have to prove 3 years of abstinence from both alcohol and drugs and would require installation of a BAIID device in the vehicle, thereby allowing people who have turned their lives around to prove themselves vs punishing them for life. The other proposal would require anyone with two or more DUI convictions to drive with a BAIID for a period of 5 years before a license can be fully reinstated. This new proposal is more strict than the current requirements of driving with a BAIID for 9 months before being eligible for full reinstatement. Both changes are significant in that they will have a great affect on those convicted of DUI. You can read the full article here.

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