Alderman Fioretti introduces a proposed amnesty plan to do away with late fees on traffic tickets…

The Secretary of State does not provide temporary driving relief to those people whose driver’s licenses are suspended due to unpaid parking or traffic tickets (among other reasons). Most of the judgement amounts that drivers face are ridiculously high due to the late fees that are imposed by the municipalities that they received the violation in. Most drivers who have their driver’s licenses suspended due to unpaid traffic and parking tickets simply cannot afford to pay off their fines due to the high late fees that have accrued.

Alderman Bob Fioretti is prepared to propose an amnesty plan that will wipe clean all the late fees and costs that will make it possible for drivers to pay off their obligations and seek reinstatement of their driving privileges. Amnesty was granted once before, in 2008. It was a great plan and many drivers benefitted from it. Read more about the Alderman’s proposal here.

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