US Supreme Court has a new web site

The United States Supreme Court has updated their web site and has changed their url. Gone is the “us” from, now it’s Now, most of us have never had the opportunity to visit the USSC web site. And the rest don’t care. However, I have visited the USSC site many times. Call me a geek that way, but I like to read up on the latest opinions.

The new site is much easier to navigate, is definitely more user friendly and I like the rotating photos of the Supreme Court Building in the center front page. I think it is our duty as United States Citizens to be aware of the legal fights that are presented in front of the USSC. Not every one who petitions the USSC to hear their case gets heard. Which makes what makes the cases that are heard that much more important. Take a minute to check out their new site. Who knows, you may learn something.


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