Memorial Day Checkpoints and Police Crackdown on DUI’s….

Memorial Day Checkpoints and Police Crackdown on DUI’s….

The Chicago Tribune posted this article today regarding increased police presence on Chicago, Suburban and Illinois roadways, tollways and highways. A larger than usual police presence means more chances at getting caught drinking and driving (or using drugs and driving) and being arrested for DUI.

The consequences of a DUI include (but aren’t limited to) loss of driving privileges, high fines, heavy sanctions (including  community service and jail time), increased insurance premiums and the possibility of job loss if your employment depends on your driving a vehicle. In addition, the ultimate consequence would be causing an accident and/or the injury or death of fellow passenger, driver, bicyclist or pedestrian. Your reflexes and ability to drive safely are impaired when you consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel of your car. So you’re better off not drinking/drugging and driving. Be smart and designate a driver. Your or someone else’s life might depend on it….

If you or a friend find yourself arrested for DUI this coming Memorial Day weekend (or any other time) or for any other criminal or traffic offense, contact Attorney Tatiana D. Czaplicki at 312.672.9628 or email to schedule a free consultation..

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