How the United State’s Supreme Court Works…..

How the United State’s Supreme Court Works…..

People don’t often ask me about United State’s Supreme Court decisions and their role in the criminal justice system or the judicial system as a whole. While we learn about the United State’s Supreme Court and it’s important function while were are in school, very few people outside of those who work in the legal profession or those involved in litigation give it much thought. The truth is, that Unites State’s Supreme Court decisions affect each American’s daily existence. These decisions, quite literally mean the difference between life and death for some people.

CNN published this article today that breaks down the role of the United State’s Supreme Court. It is worth a read. Be sure to follow the links provided to read about landmark decisions over the years as well as answers to some general questions about the Court itself.

The role of the courts is paramount to your freedoms as a citizen (and in some cases, a legal permanent resident or even undocumented individual). It is important to understand how certain laws come to be authority in the State and Federal courts and how your rights are affected as a result of these decisions. 

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