Fines for speeding to increase…

Fines for traffic violations (which include speeding) are set to increase on September 15, 2010.

As if the current fine and fee structure weren’t high enough, the powers that be claim that the fines haven’t increased since 1992. Not sure I find that assertion to be valid, as it seems that every courtroom in all the 6 Districts has their own method of calculating fines. Even courtrooms within the same courthouse present inconsistent fines and court costs on pleas of guilty. But, no matter what my or public opinion may be, the Illinois Supreme Court has ok’d the increase. What does this mean? That we must, as licensed divers in the State of Illinois, abide by the new rules… or be prepared to dish out higher fines.

Most concerning to this Chicago Traffic Attorney is how these fine increases will affect the current fee structure Traffic Attorney’s have in place for representing motorists who have been given a traffic citation. A driver with a less than stellar record would be foolish to represent himself in court. One thing that won’t change, however, is the ability a good attorney, who knows the traffic laws, the courtrooms and procedure within the various courthouses and courtrooms within the limits of Cook and surrounding Counties (such as Kane, Will, DuPage and Lake) to work out an agreement with the Prosecutor’s that will best serve the client within the limits of the law.

For more on the fines and specific fine amounts, see this article which posted in the Chicago Tribune today.

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